The rush to post naked Jodie Whittaker photos, or why we as a race really haven’t grown up yet

I doubt I can tackle this better than Jezebel did, but I just wanted to throw in my two cents.

So now that we have a female Doctor Who, apparently some media outlets think we all just can’t wait to see her naked. Oh wait, she’s flashed her boobs and stuff already! Well, gosh! Where can I gawk?!

Jezebel named The Sun, the Mail Online, The Daily Mirror, Daily Express, and Daily Star as the guilty parties, and I have no reason to distrust their research on this matter. So let me just address them directly here: Did you do this when Peter Capaldi was cast? Would you have done it if Capaldi had been replaced by a man? Is that a “no” I hear you all saying? Then shame on all of you, with your double standard. There is no reason to treat Ms. Whittaker any differently than any of her predecessors.

Now, do not understand that this is meant to cast any aspersion at all upon Ms. Whittaker’s career. She’s an adult, isn’t she? And most of us are too, right? (Well, maybe not so much in the case of the above media outlets.) I have porn in my house, okay? I make no bones about it. So when I say I’m not a prude, you can trust me on that. I honestly don’t care what she’s flashed in her previous jobs. That’s her business. But I’m afraid I have to call the rest of the human race “immature” until most of us feel the same way.