Off-Topic Day: An open letter to the US White House, Democratic Party, and Republican Party

To all concerned:

I am, as of today, officially leaving the Democratic Party.

While I support things like marriage (and other) equality, saving our planet, feminism (obviously), and other supposedly left-leaning ideas, I find that in the effort to fight these (okay, I’ll say it) liberal battles, we’ve lost sight of the importance of bringing our country together.

We can’t keep emphasizing our divisions. Image courtesy Pixabay.


I find myself – me! – thinking what you want me to think, as opposed to thinking for myself. Besides the overall embarrassment of actually admitting that, I feel I don’t need to be contributing to the devastating polarization gripping this country.

Which brings me to the wall.

Speaker Pelosi, I know you don’t agree with building a wall, but I could swear I read an interview in which you said, “it’s not worth shutting down the government.” What changed your mind?

But, as distressing as it may be for the Democrats to lose a member, the Republicans better not start rejoicing because I’m not joining them either. Are you kidding? Senator McConnell refusing to hear bill after bill? It’s ridiculous.

Build the wall, don’t build it, I don’t even care anymore. Just fund the damn government and quit hurting people.

I am embarrassed to say, to the world and to my country, that this government is the most irresponsible group of “leaders” I have ever had the misfortune to witness in power in the United States. We elect you to look after this country, a job you are failing every minute you act like children. Heck, I know children who are better behaved.

Shame on all of you.